Sunday, 5 June 2016

Cruising to Hampton Court

Two years (4th June) since Still Rockin’ was launched, how time flies!
We left our mooring at Kingston on a a grey and chilly Friday morning
… looking back at Kingston Bridge
… and the river boats, moored up for another couple of hours yet
Wide water!
If he was collecting a water sample he was using a very dirty container!
More widebeams than narrow here
… as we pass Ravens Ait
… and just then a raven hitches a ride on Still Rockin’!
I was surprised to find that BW Pegasus is not listed on the Historic Narrowboat Club pages
… he’s still with us!
The river is as busy as ever
First glimpse of Hampton Court this year
Cooo, that’s a beautiful boat, in a beautiful setting too!

We continued on through Hampton Bridge and up Molesey Lock to take on water before returning down the lock and mooring up a few boats behind Rock ’n’ Roll

We spent most of the day in the company of Ann and Kev on SR when we arrived and RnR in the evening.  Saturday was a relax day with an evening gathering on the stern of Still Rockin’ with Ann and Kevin, Richard and Sharon (nb Oakapple) and Carolyn and Gary with lovely grand-daughter Abi.  

I think that cruising the River Thames this year is going to be a hoot.  I wonder if we could arrange a boat meeting, say Beale Park in late July?  If you’re on the Thames and would like this, please leave a comment.


Vallypee said...

It all looks lovely, Carol! I can't think of anything nicer and would love to join you on the Thames...maybe I will one of these days!

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

We would love to meet up at Beale Park, but we will still be in NZ - working!
That state of affairs has got to stop and will not be continuing after April next year, when I am going to retire for sure, except for SHORT TERM assignments - I promise this to David and to me!
Hugs to you all, M&Dxox

Carol said...

That would be soooo good!

Carol said...

We were wondering when you two were going to arrive back in the UK! We’ll miss you and look forward to meeting up next year …… and you’d better be retired by then! x

Bristol Psv said...

We went by your boat on Saturday on the boat I will soon be the proud new owner of. We had been down to Kingston and back, she is currently moored on Garrick's Ait which is just a bit further up from where you were moored ... I knew I recognised your boat from somewhere!!!

Carol said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Steve. Good luck with your new boat. We’ll be on the Thames all summer so give us a shout if you see us again.