Friday, 17 June 2016

The convoy gets pole position

8-am yesterday morning and Jaz and Molly were having their last opportunity to ‘go’ 

… and Rock ’n’ Roll is away first.  All three boats need to use the services

Still Rockin’ and Seyella pull out a bit later 

RnR has finished using the water point at Chertsey Lock and is moving over to wait

… while Seyella and SR fill our tanks

 The lock was on self-service and once again Ann did the honours
 Geoff wants to ‘open up’ the engine and passes us like a rocket!
 While Rock ’n’ Roll cruises sedately behind us
 We thought that this Windsor trip boat was playing chicken with us below Penton Hook Lock as he didn’t turn away from us until the last minute.
The river gets busy as we enter Staines where we stopped for an hour to shop for essentials
 Leaving Staines, the clouds are still heavy but we’ve only had a bit of drizzle so far today, we hope it stays that way!
 Seyella takes the lead

Bell Weir Lock and Geoff gets his wish … the grumpy git is on his lunch and the lock on self-service

… another narrowboat is waiting to go in and the lady from it is operating the lock

… but as we go in she leaves the controls and returns to her boat leaving no-one to operate the lock! … So Ann comes to the rescue  and oversees five boats through the lock

Pole position on our favourite mooring (guess where) by 2:30.
This will be just the job for the weekend.

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