Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Three down to two

We said cheerio to Margaret and Geoff yesterday they’ve got a schedule to keep but we hope to see them later this summer, somehow, somewhere!

Ann also left Windsor to drive home to Hull for a few days to visit her Mum but will rejoin us at the weekend.

We then spent a very pleasant afternoon with George’s sister Diane and husband Paul catching up with family news and putting the world to rights.  It was really good to see you both again.

Saw this cheeky chappy too ...

All in all, yesterday was a really good day!

And what have we got to look forward to now?


KevinTOO said...

My apologies for demoting George to Silver Medal position in the Cheshire Cat challenge, hopefully he'll forgive me after seeing the smile of Sue on NP-XL

Carol said...

Worry not Kevin, George is not easily offended!