Friday, 20 December 2013

Build day 37

 Steve has put some shape into the bulkhead behind which will be gas/storage lockers and the steering wheel on this side.  
He’s put in an extra panel on the inside to strengthen and straighten the tumblehome so that a gate can be attached (to keep Molly in and uninvited boarders out!).

This is the last ‘build fix’ for 2013 as the trading estate locks the gates tonight until Monday 6th January … so … watch this space!

In the meantime …

Carol, George and Molly

wish all our readers a

Very Merry Christmas

and hope that 2014

brings all that you could wish for.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Build day 36

The cabin roof has been welded in place and the bracing bars inserted ...
… and we left Steve looking decidedly uncomfortable on the floor completing the seam welding on Still Rockin’s hull.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Build day 34

Build day 29 (Thursday) was a non-starter as Steve was needed elsewhere so the pictures below are from build day 30 (Friday) to day 33 (yesterday) and today …. so ….
 … we have a cabin roof!
 Through the round window
 Me on my our boat!
 Through the stern doors
 Lockers will be built either side of the bulkhead
From the bow
 The balcony ...
 … will be a great place to sit and watch the world go by.
A bird’s eye view of Still Rockin’

The welding of the roof and side panels will take some time so things won’t change much now, but today we have chosen the paint colours so that the paint can be ordered and have learned that the engine will be delivered in early January.  It’s going to be an exciting 2014!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Build day 28

 Portholes and windows ...
… from bow to stern ...
 … bedroom, bathroom/utility, lounge (x2) dining/galley ...
… and it won’t be long ‘till we can see Still Rockins' interior through that round window!

Sorry folks, no more Still Rockin ‘fixes’ now until Tuesday as we’re off to Scotland to visit family for the weekend! TTFN!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Build day 27

We’ve got doors … well nearly!
 The rear bulkhead from inside ...
 … and outside from the back deck
 George has been inspecting the underside - here you can see the swim, the propeller shaft fitting, the weed-hatch and the hole where the rudder will fit.
Whoops… the front door is a bit narrow!!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Build day 26

More strengtheners have been incorporated inside the engine bay and George is almost ecstatic to see the removable T-piece runner which will enable him to have the best access ever for servicing the engine etc ...
… and the aft deck has been seam welded.
George trying out the deck and discussing the purchase of the solar panels and the paying for the engine, which is due to arrive in the next few days.
 Steve Lambon has made a start on the rear rubbing strakes ...
… and continues with the next section as we leave.
Watch this space ...

Friday, 6 December 2013

Build day 23

We have a stern deck!
 Here I am standing on ‘our’ back deck!

 Another look at those curves!
Steve Lambon carries on with his work as we leave.
We only visit for 5 minutes for a quick photo-shoot unless we have matters to discuss.  The progress is amazing; you can tell he loves his job.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Build day 22

It’s a bit like Christmas every day!
So what has Santa Steve built for us today?
Well, he’s fitted the bracing bars to the bulkhead between the engine room and the interior ...
… and fitted the first piece of the rear deck.
 Ooh, there’s something new over there by the fuel tank ...
 Still Rockin’ has now got a weed-hatch and cover - magic!!
It won’t be too long now before the engine arrives and we’ve decided to have a Schilling Rudder made to complement the Axiom Propeller.  It’s all go!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Build day 20 and 21

 The engine mounts are in place ...
 The bow still looks lovely ...
 More of the rubbing strakes have been fitted ...
 We have a fuel tank!
The hole in the top goes all the way through the tank and will house the emergency tiller should the wheel ever let us down!
What a load of rubbish - all wrong!  George says that the hole is where the rudder shaft goes through and that the hydraulic ram is fixed to the top of the tank and moves the rudder when the steering wheel is turned - far too tekky for me.  I do know though that there will be an emergency tiller somewhere!
 That’s 550 ltrs it holds (121 gallons) and at 90ppl we’ll need a mortgage to cover the £495!!!!! Ouch!
 Still Rockin will have a very nice ...
… curvy arse backside!