Friday, 31 May 2019

Runnymede to Windsor

 Reflections at our Runnymede mooring on Tuesday evening (28th May) and the following day ...
rain stopped play for me before I'd quite finished dead-heading my plants ...
 but George bravely carried on washing the roof.
It cleared up for a while late afternoon when all that was needed to clean the boat sides was a dry cloth ... job done!
 Yesterday morning (30th) we left Runnymede at 7:30 and continued upstream ...
 reaching the first lock of the day (Old Windsor still on self service) 45 minutes later where divers had just arrived to inspect the weirs
 Looking back as we pass under Albert Bridge and Crown Land
 where we see pretty houses in the trees and ...
 beautiful royal horses.

 That's the same name on the van here at Datchet that was on the one at Old Windsor Lock but this looks to be a much bigger job that required divers and much more equipment 
 Windsor Castle

 A royal mare and foal perhaps?

Romney Lock next and I can see a self service sign.  I asked the people on the cruiser if there were other boats behind them in the lock and they said yes one more so I walked towards the lock to operate it and out came a huge Salters trip boat and the lock keeper ... he'd forgotten to change the sign over this morning
 Queenie's at home today
 A hybrid goose Grey Lag/Canada mix
 I wonder who's on Gypsy Willow from Hambleden Marina today ... they must be still in bed whoever they are!
 We're not stopping today and continue on ...
 to Boveney Lock again the sign says self service but this was another instance of the lockie forgetting to change it over
 Disappointment at Dorney as our preferred wild (as in no charge) mooring was too small for us ... so we winded ...
and returned to the visitor moorings ... we hope to stay here over the weekend as we've a few jobs to do inside Still Rockin'.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Was 'our' space free?

An early start for us yesterday (Tuesday 28th May) ...

we were away from our mooring just after 7pm in the hope that when we reach our destination one of our favourite mooring spaces will be available for us.
Cruising upstream through Chertsey Mead ...
looking back we can see the Thames Venturer from Teddington ...

George decides that he'd rather they went first through Chertsey Lock so that they're not on our tail anymore
I set the lock ready for them ...
and saw them on their way whilst setting the lock once again for Still Rockin'.

Such a shame that Pegasus is in such a sorry state.  Originally built for the Grand Union Carrying Company by Harland and Wolfe in 1935 it was passed to British Waterways Board in 1963 and into private ownership in 1987 when it was restored to its 1950's condition and kept in good condition throughout the 1990's.  I wonder what its future is.

Through Penton Hook lock and into Staines ...
where we give Chris a toot and a wave ... it's a good job we didn't need diesel or coal today because we wouldn't have been able to get alongside nb Merchant!
Staines Railway Bridge
Thames Venturer has a youth club group onboard today for a leadership course.  They will be deciding what to eat at lunch time and then decide what they need to make that lunch, create a shopping list, shop for the items ... which is what they were doing here in Staines ... then they will prepare and eat their endeavours.  The boat passed us not long after we got moored up and returned downstream to Kingston late afternoon ... I'm sure they had a great day.
The Egyptian Goose Family out and about.
Last lock of the day (all three have been on self-service) at Bell Weir ... no Mr Grumpy to deal with thank goodness!

When we arrived at Bell Weir the lady from the red narrowboat was operating the lock so I took over and waited for another nb to arrive before seeing them through the lock which has now been updated to automatic use for boaters.

George is waiting patiently and two cruisers are also in the queue for the narrowboats to descend and exit the lock
Fifteen minutes later we're passing the park ...

the Queen Elizabeth II statue and can see the Airforces Memorial above the trees
Passing Ankerwycke a National Trust property not open to the public ...
so will our favourite spot round this bend at Runnymede be empty?

Great views all round apart from that darkening sky ...
New season ticket purchased we're now good for the next 12 month's mooring here.