Thursday, 24 October 2019

No more red boards ...

and the visitors arrive ... (23rd October)
narrowboat Oleana has escaped from the Kennet and Avon Canal now that the River Thames has returned to more normal levels ... although the stream is still running very fresh!
We helped Mick and Paul Balmer, who very kindly has been crewing for him, to tie up and then they both came onboard for a cuppa and a chat.  We've met them both before but only in passing and managing a quick wave 'hello and hope to catch up properly one day'!  It was a shame that Pip couldn't be here too.

Last evening we, with Mick (Paul had gone home) walked into Goring for a meal at The John Barleycorn and spent a very pleasant couple of hours getting to know a little about each other.

Today (Thursday 24th) we had to meet Tilly ... 
and popped round to Oleana for a cuppa ...

A beautiful, if today unhappy, feline as all she really wanted was to be outside ... but window sitting was the closest she was going to get here, as apart from the fact that the river is still flowing very fast, there are three more cats on the boat in front ... and it's raining again!
A different window for her now ...
 and she allows George to wear her tail as a scarf!

It would have been lovely to meet up with Pip as I am fascinated about her stage architecture career but look forward to getting to know both her and Mick hopefully in the not too distant future.

Both Oleana and Still Rockin' will move from here tomorrow ... Oleana travelling upstream with help once again from Paul Balmer, to meet up with Pip at Oxford and us to go downstream to Beale Park and Pangbourne for a few days before going into winter mode at Hambleden on Wednesday ... 

provided, that is, the river doesn't start rising again with the forecasted rain!


Carol said...

Absolutely Kath!

Pip and Mick said...

Thank you for helping the chaps to moor up yesterday and for the glimpses of Oleanna and Tilly today.
I'm glad Tilly was at least a little bit sociable.
It's been raining here in Chippy last night and this morning, so fingers crossed that both boats can reach their destinations tomorrow.
Great shame not to have been able to come to the pub with you last night, but it was still at work at 10pm. Next time though

Carol said...

No problem Pip, it was a pleasure to help and spend some time with Mick and Tilly and to meet Paul properly for the first time.

As you say, next time we meet we'll make it a proper one!

Don't work too hard and take time for yourself at Chipping Norton.


Dave and Ann-Marie. said...

Hi Carol & George, really good to pass you guys today.
Talk about coincidence, I very rarely read other boating blogs, but last night I was looking at Silvia's "Land to Boat" and she mentions you and how you helped them at the begining of their adventures. Spooky!
Just had a look at your most recent posts; I'll go back to the start at some point and see how it all began.
We're tucked into the spot you just vacated at Goring now, my sister Anne is coming for dinner with some friends, so we'll have a boat full.
Enjoy your winter mooring.
Take care, D&AM.

Pip and Mick said...

HI Carol, can I use a couple of your photos in my update please? Mick did his best to take photos, but he hasn't got many.

Carol said...

Of course you can Pip. x