Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Point Walter ...

was once inhabited by the Aborigines Whadjuk Noongars in Western Australia known as Doondalup or 'place of long flowing white hair'.  Traditionally an area for women and children it was also a meeting point for when the clan wanted to move on to another part of the River Swan.
 We visited Point Walter on Monday (19th) which is just 14 miles west of Thornlie on a hot, hot day ...
 a paddle was obligatory!

 The sandbar at low tide


 Looking along the sandbar

 Great views of the city across the river ...

 from these huge homes ... the rectangle you can see on the photo on the left above is a swimming pool ... cool!
 A dog walking area!

 Returning home over the river!
An early evening meal at Garry and Sue's local Lakers Tavern ... we're all going on holiday tonight!

Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Sunday (17th February) we travelled with Garry and Sue the 40 miles south from Perth to Mandurah (from Aboriginal word meaning meeting/trading place) on the Kwinana Freeway
 There are lots of sculptures along the Freeways and Highways, some impressive like this one and some not so!
 Over the Swan River which meanders through Western Australia
 Here we are at Mandurah wandering in and out of shops, cafes, promenades and beaches ...
 Me and my brother Garry

 George, me, sister in law Sue and my brother Garry

 We met Garry's daughter in law's brother Paul and his partner Jackie who are lucky enough to live in Mandurah

 Happy Chappies!

 No white swans here!

 The Galah, or Pink and Grey are the most common of the cockatoos in Oz
 Paul and Jackie in their beautiful home just a stones throw from the wonderful beaches above

 In Paul and Jackie's small but delightful tropical garden

Before we left Mandurah when it was dark enough for the Kangaroos to come out of the bush we went on the hunt for them.  Sue and Garry assured us that we would see at least a group of them here ... we walked and walked along the edge of Mandurah's bush land but couldn't see anything even with a torch ... until this ... hold your breath ...

Can you make him out?  Our first kangaroo!

Another fantastic day in Oz and making new friends.