Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Round the back ...

Another warm sunny day gratefully accepted again as we take a walk around the ‘other side’ of Windsor
We walked the Thames Path toward Old Windsor Lock and saw these parakeets feeding in a yard across the railway line
 This is the building in that same yard and I think the emblem (if that’s the correct name) denotes Victoria and Albert.  I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

 Further along are a group of ‘water’ buildings; the stones on this one are VR1 and 1808 which would also be Victoria, celebrating her date of birth
... and this one George V
 Windsor Castle from the railway bridge
 ... and the castle’s North Terrace, which house the State Apartments, taken from Home Park
 (Clicking on any of the pictures will enlarge them)
 It was such a balmy day I couldn’t tell if the Queen’s standard was flying from the Round Tower today which would have denoted whether she was in residence or not

The school where the young choristers for St George’s Chapel within the castle grounds are trained

King George V Memorial designed by Sir Edward Lutyens
(click here for an interesting biography written by his daughter)
The Castle once again this time taken from the railway station foot bridge at Alexander Park as we return to Still Rockin’.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Very Special Visitors ...

My eldest brother Garry and his wife Sue emigrated to Australia in March 2012 and are back in the UK for the first time since ... it was so good to see them!
After lunch we took them on a quick cruise (due to car parking meter requirements) upstream to Dorney and back.
 Windsor railway bridge has had its shroud removed and the last of the scaffolding is being removed after refurbishment and repainting.

 Windsor Castle looks magnificent in the late afternoon sun
 Me and my brother!

 Taking a stroll early evening
 A feeding frenzy on the river.

After a fish and chip supper and a few glasses of wine, lots of laughter and catchup Garry and Sue had to leave.  We were so pleased that they were able to fit us in their very busy schedule, they’ll need a proper holiday now to recover!
 A chilly morning as we wake today
... and George takes Molly for her early morning walk.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

No houses today!

We remembered to turn the clocks back before we went to bed last night but unfortunately we forgot to tell Molly who was up and ready to go long before we were!
 George reverses out from our cosy mooring on Clivedon Reach
 ... we couldn’t go forwards because of the tree trunk in the water so he winded (turned) and we headed off once again downstream

Boulters Lock at Maidenhead is the fist of three locks to do today

The bridge over the lock is very pretty.
 We’ve seen quite a few kingfishers over the last week or so but this is the first time one has stayed still long enough for me to grab the camera and shoot - not a brilliant picture but good enough for me!

At Dorney Wood moorings we could have taken our pick but that’s not our destination for today.  The church here is well worth a visit, the key can be borrowed (for a returnable deposit) from the lock keeper at Boveney Lock
Here we are and the Queen is at home too!
We’ve got very special visitors coming to see us tomorrow - can’t wait!

What a glorious day!

 Leaving Medmenham yesterday morning it was decidedly chilly
 George would like to live here; I wonder if that’s anything to do with the fact that it was infamous for being Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hell Fire Club?
 Danesfield House Hotel - George Clooney and his new wife are up there at the moment having a post-wedding party - our invite must have got lost in the post!

  The Thames lock closures start in early November; the tools for the job are evident along the banks already

 Bisham Abbey and Church
 Approaching the lovely Marlow
 Just look at that magnificent spire - awesome!
 ... and looking back once we’d descended Marlow Lock
 I do wonder who lives in houses like this
 This is the little house I would like to live in - opposite the Bourne End moorings
 ... which today were full, it’s a good job we didn’t need one!
 Approaching Cookham Lock, the sun is shining and
 ... the river is getting busy as we enter Clivedon Reach
 ... the sun is lovely and warm now (12:30)
 ... and the views wonderful
 Squabbling Swans too!

One of Cliveden’s lodges

... and grand steps that lead to ... nowhere!

I never tire of this view of Clivedon House

Snug as a bug in a rug
 ... time for a walk up the hill
 Fabulous views from up there
What a glorious day we’ve had!