Thursday, 29 May 2014

Launch day minus 7 (build days 173-179)

Launch day Thursday 5th June at Braunston Marina!

Things have been busy, busy, busy on Still Rockin’ this week everyone finishing off inside ... the carpenter has been putting shelves in cupboards and curtain tracks/pelmets at the windows, the electrician has just about finished too ...

Our living area has flooring and wall lights, that’s the aerial wire in the corner for the TV.  Can’t wait now to see some furniture in there! 

 The LED tunnel light is on and has since been connected ...

 ... the navigation lights are on the specially made mast ...

 The flooring was fitted by a local company who have done a great job.

Looking towards the bow, the solar panels are working as is the satellite dish.

We’re having a few problems too ...

... water is getting in through the top seams of the rear canopy and we need to get Kinver Canopies back to remedy this - not much use having a hood/tent if it leaks in the rain!

George and I have been busy too of course, George has been working with the guys nearly every day helping out wherever he can whilst I’ve been busy making curtains, pelmets and bungs for the 10 windows and recently cleaning through the boat ready for the flooring to go down.  We need now to arrange for all our worldly goods (currently in a storage unit) to be installed together with the loose furniture purchased specially - I am so excited!!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Launch Day .... (day 172)

We have a launch date ...

Thursday 5th June

at Braunston Marina

(time to be advised)

Lots of bits and bobs done today including fitting the central heating thermostat and timer, fitting the bathroom accessories (towel rails, toilet roll holders, shower shelf, soap dish, shower), the ceiling strips on the bow canopy are finished and ...
the flooring has arrived ...
... and will be fitted on Tuesday ... and ... it’ll look great!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Build day 171

The two main tasks today were to put the ceiling strips up in the bow canopy and to sand and fill in the screw holes in the floor as the vinyl will be fitted on Tuesday next week.
 The fire is now fully installed
 The bedroom lights are in ...
... and the acro props are keeping the bow canopy ceiling strips in place until dry.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Build day 170

A road trip this morning to Tipton in the Black Country over roads so badly maintained we were worried about the shock absorbers giving up!
 We collected a boot full of lovely window trims ...
 ... they’ll look good when they’re in.

Starting to instal the fire ... Stuart and George making a ‘mock'ery of the chimney ...

Somewhere to hang all those clothes ...
 ... and before you could say Steve Lambon the chimney was made (just needs some paint on it now)

We now have working lights throughout the boat ...

... and window trims! 

I am getting soooo excited!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Build day 169

Difficult to show progress just now lots going on but not a lot to show for it!
 Leckie has been busy installing wires and monitors etc., I have to admit that this cupboard is not a favourite of mine - it upsets my sense of ‘order’ and to me looks ‘a bit of a jumble’  it’s a good job I won’t have to go into it often!

Next door at Lambon Boats Steve and Ian’s latest work of art comes out of the shed ...

It’s apparently called a ‘pontoon’ as it won’t have an engine, it’s purely a home and I think is going on the Thames.  It’s huge!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Build days 164-168

 It’s coming together ...
 Stern seating has been painted and the upholsterer is coming next week to price up the cushions, I just hope they’re won’t be too expensive!

The tiling in the galley has started ...

... and the insert in the small cupboard has been fitted - that will be very useful.

Mark is cleaning up the grout in the fire tiles ...

... and the trims, knobs etc are on in the galley, we’re just waiting now for the window trims.
 The electric cupboard - the inverter is on!  The engine has been run and is at least as quiet as Rock ’n’ Roll is and the engine bay hasn’t been soundproofed yet, we’ll get that done in time.
The central heating (Webasto) has also been tested and is working perfectly.
I love this fireplace! We’re just waiting for the fire to sit on the hearth once the flue is in place ... and the flooring arrives this week.

As I said at the beginning - it’s all coming together now!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Build days 162/3

The bathroom cupboards have doors and knobs
The wall and ceiling trims are fitted in the bedroom

The washer and freezer are installed behind integrated doors, again with knobs!

The lounge door has been hung and the black marble hearth is in place with the fire positioned so that ...

... Mark knows where to make the hole in the roof for the chimney.

All the central heating and water pipes have been boxed in ...

... and the trim is in place throughout the lounge and dining area.

The shower has been installed ... the bathroom is small, but will be beautifully formed!

Bathroom and bedroom doors hung ...

... and the bedroom door from inside the room has a handle now too!

 Meanwhile back in our caravan at Droitwich Marina a thunder storm rumbles overhead.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Build days 158/9

 Apart from another coat of varnish, the bedroom is finished ...
 ... the drawer fronts have been fitted, the handles are on as is the trim on the walls and ceiling and the heating pipes have been boxed in.
The bathroom is coming along nicely too ... the bathroom cupboard is in, the sink and tap is fitted and the trim is in place on the surfaces.  The pipes in the cupboard on the right are part of the heating system and will provide me with an airing cupboard.

Time to go?...  we’re told 4 weeks!!