Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Out walking

 This large, posh, riverside house just out of sight of our mooring belongs to Vince Hill (1980 and 90's pop star)
 A barn conversion in the making
 A nice quiet country road with more large, posh, expensive houses behind high walls and gates, but those roses did smell good!
A pretty setting as we cross a small bridge over a creek which flows into the Thames.  We're walking towards Val Wyatt Marine where last year we had a nice cup of coffee in their reception/cafe/shop but unfortunately the place was empty today - perhaps too early in the season.

 Met three friendly billy goats who came running to the fence for us to scratch their heads
Looks very much like Packet Boat House on the Bridgewater Canal and another one somewhere between Days Lock and Abingdon on a lovely bend of the Thames but I can't remember quite where!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The best laid plans ...

... sometimes don't go exactly to plan!  Our plan was to set off early but we actually slept until 7am this morning and that's late for us.
 ... so it was 9am before we untied and cast off from our lovely Henley mooring

 ... and were soon entering the Regatta area where rowers once again have no mirrors to see what's behind them!
 We stopped whilst they sorted themselves out and became visible in front of us.
During construction of the course boat travelling downstream use what will be the race lane, those going upstream (us) use the right hand side of the river.  When the regatta is actually happening all craft use this lane and it can be a bit stressful!
 Looking back - always a good picture even on a cloudy day
 We kept well over to the right and allowed the girls to overtake us in their own time - works a treat.
 Henley riverside is also another must have picture as we approach

The hedges are full of dog roses, their pink flowers glowing amongst the green
 Through the centre arch of Henley Bridge
 Looking back again.
Our original plan was to go up through Marsh and Shiplake Locks, get water, wind (turn) descend Shiplake again and cruise downstream to one of our favourite Thames moorings.
 Instead as we passed by the island we could see that the water tap on the visitor moorings was free so we did a U-turn at the end and pulled over
 Out came the two hoses and it just reached the tank
 Once done we continued upstream where this wide beam was pulling out on tickover 
 A Le Boat behind us having to slow right down too
The lock gates are open and he goes in, the lock keeper asks how long we are and says he thinks we'll just fit.  I then heard him calling for a narrowboat to come in too ...
 ... it was a very snug fit!
 We were soon past him once out of the lock

You may just be able to see where we're heading for to the left of Poplar Eyot and just above the hand-rail at the bow ... one of our favourite places ... and it's free as in available and at no cost ... what a bonus!
Looking back ... it's a bit busy!
A melancholy moment because the last time we moored here in September 16 on the way to our winter mooring ...

Molly was still with us enjoying her paddle, fetching sticks and just showing how clever she is sitting on the gangplank even though she was nearly totally blind.

We still miss her soooo much.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Relaxing at Henley

We've not ventured far whilst moored here, we've relaxed and watched what seems like all the cruisers on the Thames go by over the Bank Holiday weekend.

 Great views all around us with not a road or a house in sight

 Two families, four adults, thirty-five goslings!
 Time for lunch!

 180° view from the bow as we sit with a glass or two
One man and his dog - marvellous!
River getting busier
Canoeists as we walk over Hambleden weir bridge

Must be mad!