Monday, 8 May 2017

Strolling ...

Yesterday (Saturday) we walked towards Windsor Racecourse.  I'd looked online to see 'what's on' and discovered that there was a car boot sale there and as we'd never been to one today was the day.  (Unfortunately it wasn't (on that is) it is on though on Sunday)
Instead we walked back under the by-pass bridge and along the opposite side of the River Thames from our mooring
 ... and along the Brocas where we moored up nb Rock 'n' Roll in August 2012
... with eldest grandson Adam and his friend Sam.

We took a detour before we reached Eton High Street through this narrow twisted alleyway

 ... coming out near Eton College Chapel where we spied this modern 'gargoyle' - anyone recognise him?
 Restaurant boat Melody being filmed below Windsor Bridge - next time we're here I'd like to have Sunday lunch onboard - hint, hint!
 ... and further along the waterfront we can see ...

Morris dancers.

We walked through Windsor where the Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival was taking place and had an early dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, another first for us. Afterwards we returned to Still Rocking' to watch the last two episodes of Line of Duty - brilliant - now looking forward to the next series.


Vallypee said...

That gargoyle looks so familiar, but I can't place the face...someone in politics, I think...who was the one after Tony Blair? Is it him? Anyway, great photos as always and a lovely walk for you!

Carol said...

Gordon Brown? could be Val!