Sunday, 14 May 2017

Moving on ...

Wednesday 10th May, we leave our mooring ...
... of the last five days on Baths Island, Windsor
... and after filling the water tank are soon passing the creek where the trip boats are moored (mentioned in yesterday's posting) and through Boveney Lock
A courting couple!
Looks like a permanent fixture above Dorney visitor moorings

Passing Oakley Court where the skeletal sculpture still stands although when I saw them in late October I thought that it may have been temporary structure for a firework display.

Monkey Island is still all shuttered up but there are signs that something is going on the land between the two buildings

Approaching Bray Lock beyond the busy M4

It's quite unusual to see a standard (tree) Wisteria rather than it's usual climbing habit.
Through Bray Lock

... just beyond which it looks like a fallen tree is being removed from the water and put onto the land
... through Bray
... and Maidenhead
... to Boulters Lock where a boat is coming down and a cruiser waiting to go up; it's a big lock so we'll both fit in comfortably.

Not far now ...
... and 'our' space is empty!
One of the best views on the River Thames - from our deck.

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