Thursday, 4 May 2017

Plan A ... B or maybe ....

It was 11:30 by the time we set off from the visitor moorings at Runneymede ...

passing the park

and the Air Forces Memorial at the top of Cooper's Hill

Lucky them, they've now got pole position!

and passing the Magna Carta Memorial

An oncoming trip boat in a hurry

Runneymede's National Trust Wardens Offices and cafe

Planes every three minutes coming in to land at Heathrow

Lucy Fisher has been up and down the river each day over the bank holiday weekend but is now once again in her mooring
First of three locks at Old Windsor and we're soon through

watching the proceedings

Pretty cottage on Windsor Castle Estate

Planes keep coming from left to right taking off now from Heathrow

First sight of the Castle is thrilling no matter how many times we come this way

Mooring at Datchet in view of the castle would make a change one day and free for the first 24 hours.

Heightened security on the castle grounds, I wonder what's going on?

Looks like a show ring
I'd like to live here please
Her Majesty the Queen is not at home

... taking place within sight of Windsor Castle during 10th to 14th May

There was a for sale notice here last time we came by but it's gone now, perhaps next time it will have been demolished

Second lock is Romney and the heron is giving instruction - sharp left here and keep left!

and this one says - in here!

The Archimedes Screw Turbines in Romney Lock cut are receiving attention.  There are plans to install these screws near other locks/weirs in the area.

Magna Carta hotel boat moored as we enter Windsor
The trip boat on the left has just pulled out from picking up passengers and will now have to get a spurt on to move over in front of us as there is another trip boat coming towards us both.

No boats moored on the Brocas today and you can see that the River Thames water is low due to lack of rain over the winter - doesn't bode well for the summer cruising season.

As we approached Windsor railway bridge I spotted this swan which seemed to be in trouble, he obviously couldn't get out of there as the railings were far too high for him and the area in which he's enclosed in too narrow.  I rang Swan Lifeline in Eton who said that they would rescue him.  I must call them this morning to ask if they were successful.
No boats moored on Bath Island either - not stopping today but will probably move down here for the weekend

Last lock of the day at Boveney where we use the facilities - good job we don't have a pump-out loo because this one's out of order!  Once we've finished here we'll cross the river to the far side of the lock island to fill our very empty water tank.

Still every three minutes but now right to left!

The weir stream at Boveney has hardly any water flowing through

Waiting for two trip boats to descend the lock and then it's our turn to go up.

Not a heron this time!

This is our plan B ... Boveney visitor moorings at Dorney

This is plan A but it's not to be

... this could be plan B then ... can we get our back end in next to the barge and could we fasten our front under this tree?  We winded (turned) but 'No' we didn't fit.

... perhaps this could be plan B then?  Winded again to reverse in - not happening - too shallow!
So the original plan B which is now I think plan Z and we moored up at the visitor moorings!  This is the notice at all Environment Agency moorings along the River Thames where the moorings are free for the first 24 hours.  I think a similar process could work on the canals. Once you've 'checked in' with TVM when you moor-up it would prove that you have been cruising and if sensibly monitored (actually fining those who do abuse the system) would prevent overstaying.  What do you think?

Our views for the next few days - not too shabby at all!


Sue said...

Oh that's a shame Carol on the corner moorings... How dare they moor there!!!! (Grump!). Dont forget to get some eggs from Pauline at the place where the ponies are beside the car park in the trees. We think they are the best eggs in England!!

Carol said...

Will do Sue!

Naughty-Cal said...

Can't be the best eggs in England. They are from the farm at Fiskerton Fen on the River Witham!

As an aside I do believe that a similar system of registering your arrival at visitor moorings could work for CRT.

Carol said...

Thanks Rachel. x

Sue said...

Oh I have to disagree.. Had some from there and the ones at Dorney are better... But maybe I forgot how good those on the Witham were! ;)

KevinTOO said...

No the best fresh eggs are from Bettys Farm in Willington... LOL
Harry disagrees, he says Thorntons make THE best eggs... ROFLMAO