Friday, 19 May 2017

If you're reading this in Braunston ....

Tuesday 16th May we left Cookham promising ourselves that we shall be back

Passing Cookham Moor where they're setting up for Saturday 20th when 'Lets Rock the Moor' happens staring OMD, Howard Jones to name but a few
Not noticed this Stained Glass Studio before in the converted boathouse ...
... in the garden of this house with the book reader sculpture
We were soon passing The Bounty Pub where there were load of moorings but where a tree was being removed in the garden area
... and a Still Rockin' sized mooring at Bourne End which we don't need today.
Looking back at Bourne End
So, Braunston ... we used to talk to the owners of Hobo whilst our narrowboat Rock 'n' Roll was being built there and on subsequent visits also when we stayed in Braunston when Still Rockin' was launched there.  We spoke to Mrs Hobo then and she came to visit us on the widebeam.  So if you're reading this in Braunston and know this lady who was then living and looking after her husband in one of Tim Cochlan premises, please show her this picture taken on the Thames today, she'll be so pleased to know that her lovely boat is still out and about.
Two Greylags and five table ducks!
Sharp right through the trees into Marlow Lock cut

Pregnant cows and calves
... and one getting stuck into something tasty!
Ok, you'll have to use your imagination here but I assure you that the blue splodge is a kingfisher!
no imagination needed for this one though!
So here we are for a few days moored below Marlow Lock
... where we've been watching the world go by mainly through the galley window and the rain, rain and more rain.


Naughty-Cal said...

Are your table ducks not just white Greylags?

Oh and I see three normal coloured Greylags as well :)

Carol said...

I was a bit tongue in cheek Rachel, I once asked what the white geese were and someone joked that they were table ducks (for cooking)! x

LNBP at Braunston said...

Thanks for your blog post, very entertaining. Next time you're in Braunston say hello to to the charity LNBP at Braunston (London Narrow Boat Project) who run canal boat holidays and experiences for schools and community groups.