Thursday, 25 May 2017

Further than we thought

Still at Medmenham Tuesday 23rd May
 Egyptian goslings with mum
 Canada goslings with Mallards hoping for food from me
 Late afternoon we went for what was meant to be a short walk, here passing Culham Court albeit on the other side of the river.  The plan was to carry on round the field back to Still Rockin'...
 ... but we saw this lane through the kissing gate and realised we were very close to Hambleden Marina so continued along here

Some very nice secluded houses along this lane.

According to Wikipedia Deo Non Fortuna means  'Not through luck, but through God' and is the motto of Epsom College. Most Latin translations I can find for Tretus is 'treatise' but I'm not sure that fits very well.  Anyone know any Latin?
Unfortunately the lane came out on the busy main road about 50 yards from the Marina entrance and we didn't want to risk walking where there was no pavement and road is narrow so we turned back having walked much further than we'd intended already.

Along the way we met a very interesting couple walking three dogs and stopped for a chat, as you do ... they live and work on the Medmenham Abbey Estate, a very nice couple who are toying with the idea of boat life ... hope they don't wait too long before they sample the good life!

After a long cold drink of water we sat out in the warm sunshine on Still Rockin's front deck with a glass of red each.  The lantern bird feeders must have been left by a winter moorer but they do add to the scene.  

Another good day!

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Vallypee said...

You have some lovely walks, Carol. What beautiful houses too. I can imagine you see much more of the countryside than most people on your travels. The glass of red on deck souns just the job!