Thursday, 18 February 2021

Life on the land outside the window ...

January 2021 ...

Saturday 2nd January 8:40
Monday 4th out for a walk - first sign of spring
Friday 8th - first visitor to our new feeding station
Saturday 9th 16:20 - first BBQ of the year!
Wednesday 20th 8:00 - first snow of 2021
Thursday 21st 8:45 - more snow ...

... and out for a walk 12:40 - I wouldn't want this dog to jump up me!
Friday 22nd 9:50 - we watched this buzzard (we think it's a young one) being harassed by a crow on the park area at Audlem for over 10 minutes ...
eventually it was the crow that flew away leaving the buzzard on the ground ... we waited a while longer but he didn't fly off and it was time for us to leave.  (Sorry about the picture quality taken from inside the car)

Monday 26th 9:55 - this beautiful wren is a daily visitor at about this time to catch his breakfast from under and around the garden shed.
Friday 29th 11:00 - a lucky but poor shot through the window of this pair of Gold Finches feeding on the seeds of whatever plant this is.
and to end January 2021 - BBQ number 2 at 17:00 in the rain, in the dark under the sun umbrella!

Hope all my lovely readers are keeping safe and are continuing to stay indoors as much as possible ... let's beat this covid thing ... the future is looking better.