Sunday, 26 November 2017

Wild life

As we're getting more frequently very cold days now I decided it was time to put out the bird feeders, but as usually happens it's not only birds that are interested ... please note that these pictures were taken through the windows (which George kindly cleaned for me this morning) and are not great ... I really must do better!
 20 minutes after hanging the feeders this squirrel came to see
 ... look how he's reached the feeder and brought it towards him, his paw holding onto the stand.  I watched him reach into the hole and then sit back on the branch to eat the seeds from his hands ... fantastic!
 Next came the red robin, usually a ground feeder but will he have a go I wonder?
 A blue tit making a tentative approach as were several other birds.  We saw a great tit and have seen the woodpecker close by too.
A bit blurry this one but shows that the cheeky robin did manage to hold on for a quick feed.

I'm looking forward to seeing who else comes to call.

Friday, 24 November 2017

A wet and windy night

After the worst storm with winds gusting up to over 60mph last night (23rd Nov) that I've ever experienced whilst living on a boat this morning dawned clear and bright although the wind is still gusting at times and it was bitterly cold.

We had early visitors to the mill stream too this morning ...
four Canada Geese with two Greylags lagging behind.

The day continued to be cold with clear blue skies, gusty wind and plenty of sunshine and the forecast for the next few days is pretty much the same ... we can cope with that ... we hope you can too.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Sunday 19th November

So far Sundays have been the only time we've ventured out since we arrived at Hambleden Marina.  Mornings at the gym are ongoing and we feel that we are 'getting somewhere' and afternoons are busy or napping after a good workout ... so ...
 ... off we went, over Hambleden Weir ... not noticed this before half way across, good to see.
We walked our familiar route along the path to the pub where we noticed that the chickens and red kites had all gone from the field (we wondered if one had 'got' the other) and the three stooges had disappeared too, instead we saw this figure over in the distance. 
 An angler in the pub's overflow carpark
 ... strange for a pub called the Flower Pot!
 On the way back, the shadows are lengthening
 Looking towards the Chilterns
 Late sun on Silver Birch trees
 ... and looking up
 Red Kites taking advantage of the last of the sun.
And home again feeling refreshed.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

A short walk ...

 ... that we take each morning to the bus stop at Mill End
 Young calves under cover at Westfield Farm
... enjoying breakfast on Wednesday morning (Nov 16)
 And on Thursday morning just after 9am

 ... just above freezing
... as we set off once again to the bus stop and the gym
 I hope they survive the day!
 Looking across Mill Lane towards the Chiltern Hills
Busses along the A4155 Reading - High Wycombe are usually single deckers but this morning it's a double decker ... what a treat! We could see over the walls of the farm and houses as we travelled.
 Cold, frosty, winter days with clear blue skies
... usually promise wonderful sunsets and we weren't disappointed!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Clear skies and clear water

Sunday afternoon (12 Nov) feeling a bit restless I decided to go for a walk to blow the cobwebs away
I walked through the marina and onto the weir path

The arctic wind was soooo cold my gloveless hands ached as I held the camera for the pictures

... but it was worth it for the beautiful light
Clear water of the mill stream in which we're moored

Tumbling water from the one open weir
... making its way back into the river
Wow, what a day!

Intense sunshine and shadows

Maximum temperature all day was 9°c but felt like 5 in that biting wind
The sun had dropped a little lower when I took these two photos
... of two planes taking off from Heathrow with the still strong sun shining on their vapour trials.