Sunday, 5 November 2017

Feels like winter ...

Tuesday (31 Oct) - was cloudy with cruel wind 
... as we approached Marlow Lock on self service
Still Rockin' is firmly secured on the lock landing as the fierce current from the bywash and the water pouring out of the lock pounds her broadside and full frontal while I set the lock for us to ascend.
Filling the lock once we're inside

Thames House with it's dragons on the lockside
Approaching Marlow Suspension Bridge with All Saints Church on the right
... and looking back as we leave this lovely place for the last time by water this year

Temple Lock also on self service
Passing Harleyford Manor and Estate
Although the sign says otherwise the lockie was present at Hurley where we shared the lock with a small day boat

The huge Medmenham Abbey (right) is still for sale and has an interesting past, and the house next door.  If either of them was being 'given away' I'd go for the one on the left.

It was just after 1pm when we were moored up on Medmenham meadow

... with good views all round.

Although the sun tried hard to break through the clouds and there were not many patches of blue in the sky, it was a good cruise; the next but last one of 2017.


Paul said...

Lovely pics of Marlow.

I'm ignoring my ASBO (anti social boating order) and continuing to follow the blog.

Fully back into land life now but planning our next escape with enthusiasm in the next few weeks. The house welcomed us back with a dead boiler, oh for the squirrel stove to warm us (for any non boaters out there ... that's a make of stove... no, we don't burn squirrels!)

Marlow weir is one of my favorite places on earth. It's just fantastic. We've stayed at the Compleat Angler a few times but the last time it showed the folly of faceless hotel chain ownership and was a poor experience despite the price tag. Shame. But nice that we now get to stay in Marlow on our own terms!

I guess you are tucked up at your Hambledon winter mooring by now, hope it's cosy :) Spare a brief thought for us with our unlimited leckie, but no heating. Bricks and mortar lose their appeal more each season.

All the best
Paul and Carole

Carol said...

It must be a bit chilly at home then Paul, now that the temperature has dropped to nearly freezing most mornings, you need to get that boiler fixed, pronto!

As you say, we are indeed already in our winter mooring and cosy too, keeping the Aga (our fire) in over night and re-kindling it each morning. You can keep your bricks and mortar!

Big day for us today ... watch this space!

Vallypee said...

Lovely images as always, Carol! It must be sad coming to the end if your season, but yes, it is getting cold now. It was freezing here last night!