Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The gym ...

Monday (6 Nov) day one at the gym.

All went well.  We arranged to meet with a personal trainer for a one-to-one induction on Wednesday morning and in the meantime we were given a quick introduction to the equipment and its use and and then were left to own devices.  We recognised a few, the rolling road and the cross trainer, but some looked more like torture devices than anything else!  Anyway, we spent an hour trying out some of the various exercise machines and spoke to a couple of gym enthusiasts working out for bits of advice on various machines and went home feeling good about our plan.  

The hour with Margaret, the personal trainer, went well on Wednesday.  One at a time we were asked questions about our health and general fitness and she took some measurements - arms, waist and thighs and we were weighed. She then took each of us to the various pieces of equipment that would help us achieve our goals and showed us how to use them completing a schedule for us to use giving details of the order in which to use the equipment, how many sets and repetitions to do and what weights to use. We did just one set of each of those recommended and by the end of that session, I at least, was rather hot and sweaty!

Thursday was hard not least of all trying to find the equipment in the correct order and remember how to adjust them to fit our own requirements and found that most of the weights Margaret had indicated for us were too heavy so the exercises were done using less weight to start with.  By the end of Friday's session my muscles were certainly aching!

Not a lot got done on Still Rockin' in the afternoons as we relaxed and snoozed the tiredness away. 
A dramatic scene at the marina on Friday morning, we've had heavy rain all through the last two nights and I don't think it's finished with us yet!

The weekend has been busy though ...
George loves small spaces!  Here he's inside the wardrobe altering the shelving to make better use of the space

... and here he's in the cupboard in the galley.  We've upgraded the old water filter system removing the old filter which served all the cold water to the kitchen and replaced it with a better filter to a newly installed drinking water tap

... and the same in the bathroom, out with the old filter and in with the new one

... and voila we have working taps for our fresh drinking water!

So as I said ... a very busy and successful weekend
... back to the gym tomorrow.


Mac & Jacquie Court said...
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Carol said...

Hi Mac - will contact via fb. See you both in 2018!

Geoff and Mags said...

Good on you both, keep it up!

Carol said...

Thanks Geoff! Going well so far, nearly at the end of our second week of 5 visits Monday-Friday! x

Vallypee said...

i missed this one! That photo is fantastic with the dramatic sky. Your ambitions for the gym are very good! Well done you. Keep it up!

Carol said...

2.5 weeks in the gym Val every day so far and we're doing fine!