Sunday, 26 November 2017

Wild life

As we're getting more frequently very cold days now I decided it was time to put out the bird feeders, but as usually happens it's not only birds that are interested ... please note that these pictures were taken through the windows (which George kindly cleaned for me this morning) and are not great ... I really must do better!
 20 minutes after hanging the feeders this squirrel came to see
 ... look how he's reached the feeder and brought it towards him, his paw holding onto the stand.  I watched him reach into the hole and then sit back on the branch to eat the seeds from his hands ... fantastic!
 Next came the red robin, usually a ground feeder but will he have a go I wonder?
 A blue tit making a tentative approach as were several other birds.  We saw a great tit and have seen the woodpecker close by too.
A bit blurry this one but shows that the cheeky robin did manage to hold on for a quick feed.

I'm looking forward to seeing who else comes to call.


Vallypee said...

Lovely to watch the birds come and go, Carol! I must put mine out too. That cheeky squirrel was not stupid was he?

Carol said...

Hi Val,
I do love to watch the birds from my chair through Still Rockin's window and sitting on the deck for ages with my camera waiting for something interesting to happen! The squirrels are really entertaining!.