Thursday, 16 November 2017

Clear skies and clear water

Sunday afternoon (12 Nov) feeling a bit restless I decided to go for a walk to blow the cobwebs away
I walked through the marina and onto the weir path

The arctic wind was soooo cold my gloveless hands ached as I held the camera for the pictures

... but it was worth it for the beautiful light
Clear water of the mill stream in which we're moored

Tumbling water from the one open weir
... making its way back into the river
Wow, what a day!

Intense sunshine and shadows

Maximum temperature all day was 9°c but felt like 5 in that biting wind
The sun had dropped a little lower when I took these two photos
... of two planes taking off from Heathrow with the still strong sun shining on their vapour trials.


Alison said...

Fabulous pictures, so clear and bright :)

Alf said...

Doubt that the planes would have come from Heathrow at that height over Hambleden if you want to check where they come from there is a great app called "" which gives real time aircraft information, height course & (usually) origin & destination.

Carol said...

Thank you Alison.

Carol said...

Thanks Alf, sorry for the misinformation I'm afraid I was more interested in the picture!

Vallypee said...

Just beautiful, Carol. What stunning skies. It gives an impression of still perfection. A lovely walk indeed!

Carol said...

Thanks Vallypee.