Thursday, 23 November 2017

Sunday 19th November

So far Sundays have been the only time we've ventured out since we arrived at Hambleden Marina.  Mornings at the gym are ongoing and we feel that we are 'getting somewhere' and afternoons are busy or napping after a good workout ... so ...
 ... off we went, over Hambleden Weir ... not noticed this before half way across, good to see.
We walked our familiar route along the path to the pub where we noticed that the chickens and red kites had all gone from the field (we wondered if one had 'got' the other) and the three stooges had disappeared too, instead we saw this figure over in the distance. 
 An angler in the pub's overflow carpark
 ... strange for a pub called the Flower Pot!
 On the way back, the shadows are lengthening
 Looking towards the Chilterns
 Late sun on Silver Birch trees
 ... and looking up
 Red Kites taking advantage of the last of the sun.
And home again feeling refreshed.

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