Sunday, 19 November 2017

A short walk ...

 ... that we take each morning to the bus stop at Mill End
 Young calves under cover at Westfield Farm
... enjoying breakfast on Wednesday morning (Nov 16)
 And on Thursday morning just after 9am

 ... just above freezing
... as we set off once again to the bus stop and the gym
 I hope they survive the day!
 Looking across Mill Lane towards the Chiltern Hills
Busses along the A4155 Reading - High Wycombe are usually single deckers but this morning it's a double decker ... what a treat! We could see over the walls of the farm and houses as we travelled.
 Cold, frosty, winter days with clear blue skies
... usually promise wonderful sunsets and we weren't disappointed!


KevinTOO said...

Is it the angle of the camera... because you look to be quiet a distance from the pontoon... and untied too??

Carol said...

Well spotted Kevin!

It can be a rather shallow here and if there's not much rain we end up on the bottom and tilted sometimes quite badly, so we leave the stern on a lose rope (can't see this in the picture. The front rope is tied to the outside corner of the houseboat Gypsy Willow in front of us to stop the front from coming in too far and again settling us on the bottom. It's not too wide, I can stride across ok sometimes needing a hand from George and sometimes we can pull the rope to bring us closer. A bit of a palaver but we can put up with it as it is such a nice place to be for the winter.

Vallypee said...

Lovely photos with that low winter light and golden glow, Carol. You really seem to be in a beautiful spot for the winter!

Carol said...

Thank you Val.