Thursday, 30 June 2016

A cracking cruise!

Just after 7 this morning, after all the awful cold rain yesterday (when we even put the heating on in SR) the river was flat calm

… as we pulled away from our mooring to turn back to Boveney Lock and the services.  They were still asleep on the tubby boat behind us

… and the sun was shining!

Boveney Lock is still on self-service but the previous user has left the bottom gate and sluices open so they must be closed before we can enter

… and George with Still Rockin’ waiting on the lock landing for the water to rise

Quite a few of the lock houses are lived in by the Environment Agency employed lock keepers.

We’ve seen a blue van and people with this logo on their shirts but saw no information about it until I saw this in the window of Boveney Lock Keeper’s hut.  Useful information!

Windsor Marina can be seen over the River Thames and Windsor Racecourse

SR finally in the lock and descending.

Winding (turning) once again to moor against the sanitary station and refuse bins. Once done we moved over to the weir stream to fill our empty water tank, do a load of washing, have a shower, a cup of tea and a slice of toast because we realised we’d not eaten yet!

We thought we’d only be 1½ to empty and fill and be back at the mooring to pick up the tubby’s but it was actually 20 to 10 and they were gone!

Oakley Court Hotel was busy when we passed by.

We did eventually allow him to pass us when the river became a bit wider

How much!!

Under the M4 is much better than on it.

I didn’t realise a Cormorant had so much colour and shine on his feathers.

Bray Lock where we shared the space with the trip boat … our bow (front) fender was touching his stern 

… and our rear canopy was about 10” (25cm) away from the lock gate boardwalk! A trifle snug!

Normal(ish) sized housing as we enter Bray

… and then they get bigger, but I do like that eye-brow window.

For sale and if you need to ask the price (which the link doesn’t give you) you probably can’t afford it!

Oops, I thought this was a fairly modest sized semi but it’s not!  

Available for also a not so modest £3,250,000!!!

10:50 and we finally catch up with No Problem XL waiting for us near Maidenhead.

SR going under Maidenhead railway bridge whilst NPXL approaches Maidenhead road bridge

Isambard’s Sounding Arch - plaque on the railway bridge

This way … straight through the middle

 I’ve never seen a build like this before … I wonder if the house to the left will be demolished or refurbished?

Taplow Riverside development … I wonder what they’ll do with this grand property.

NPXL on the lock landing at Boulters Lock, Maidenhead also on self service when we arrived.  I just love the pretty bridge here

So now the tubby’s are following us!

He’s changed his occupation to fireman since we came by here last autumn!

And now the river becomes a green and wide valley

… and we can see our destination … Clivedon
Our view looking west (forward) from the stern of SR

… and the view to the towpath is a real picture! Clivedon in the 18th century, but unless the islands had no trees at all at that time I think there’s been a little artistic licence!
… and looking back.

After a cracking cruise we’ll be happy here for the weekend, lots of relaxing, entertaining and walking.  What more could we need?

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bon Voyage yet again!

Ann and Kevin decided yesterday morning to make a break for it

… It was hugs all round before they left  (Sue had had a lie in)
 Have a great cruise you two.  It’s been so lovely to meet up and travel with you both, we’ve soooo enjoyed the time.

I have to admit to a catch in my throat and a tear in my eye as Rock ’n’ Roll went on her way … pretty much as it did last time … 
There’s just a chance we’ll catch them up at some stage before they leave the River Thames.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Going shopping and catching up

10 past 7 this morning we leave Rock n Roll at the mooring and pull out into the wide to wind (turn) … gives me a better view of the houses opposite
 We couldn’t see all the row from the mooring but now see that there is probably four or five properties here
 Wonder if this is a hotel, but we’ve not seen anyone about

This square box looks odd in this line of huge properties
 Quite like this one though
 I wonder who lives in a house that size
 That’s where we’re going

Watching and waiting for the shopping to arrive

Kevin bringing the first of the Tesco shop, thanks Kev.

Mr Tesco brings the bulk of it though

All signed for and back to our original moorings by 9:30

2pm and who’s this arriving?
It’s a rather tubby boat! If you click on the picture you’ll just about be able to see who’s driving it.
Even after three weeks he still can’t keep that grin off his face.
Well, that’s us for now then, we have another convoy … Ann and Kevin on Rock n roll and Sue and Vic on Tubby No Problem XL and us of course!

Where will we go next?