Monday, 6 June 2016

Roses by a mill pond

Too hot for me yesterday to be out in the sunshine for too long, so just a short walk round Hampton Court gardens  ...
 the palace chimneys over the kitchen garden

At this time of year the rose garden smells devine.

Floribunda rose ‘Dublin Bay’ looks spectacular in the bright sunshine
… a beautiful rose but it has no scent!

Another perfect rose but not named smelled just heavenly!
 Hampton Court’s Chapel Royal across the rose gardens
 … and the mill pond?
 … that is the River Thames
… outside our window this morning.


Caroline and Martin said...

Beautiful photos Carol, doesn't that river look so still and inviting. We have Dublin bay at home it is looking great climbing amongst a grape vine and wall, my husband bought it years ago purely for the colour, wouldn't have known it didn't smell has he has no sense of smell. Caroline

Chas and Ann said...

I do love my roses back in my garden and wonder how they are. I am sure some need their heads cut off. It does seem that the modern varieties have lost their scent.

Sandi said...

Beautiful Carol, very calm. Hope you are all well. Love Sandra xxx

Carol said...

It was Sandra, hope you’re good too as we are. Love you too. xx

Carol said...

Thanks Caroline, I find it very disappointing when roses have no scent.

Carol said...

I had a rose garden too Charles but only bought the smelly ones!