Monday, 27 June 2016

Going shopping and catching up

10 past 7 this morning we leave Rock n Roll at the mooring and pull out into the wide to wind (turn) … gives me a better view of the houses opposite
 We couldn’t see all the row from the mooring but now see that there is probably four or five properties here
 Wonder if this is a hotel, but we’ve not seen anyone about

This square box looks odd in this line of huge properties
 Quite like this one though
 I wonder who lives in a house that size
 That’s where we’re going

Watching and waiting for the shopping to arrive

Kevin bringing the first of the Tesco shop, thanks Kev.

Mr Tesco brings the bulk of it though

All signed for and back to our original moorings by 9:30

2pm and who’s this arriving?
It’s a rather tubby boat! If you click on the picture you’ll just about be able to see who’s driving it.
Even after three weeks he still can’t keep that grin off his face.
Well, that’s us for now then, we have another convoy … Ann and Kevin on Rock n roll and Sue and Vic on Tubby No Problem XL and us of course!

Where will we go next?

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