Friday, 10 June 2016

Our favourite mooring

Ready to Rock ’n’ Roll yesterday morning
No Problem’s new owners have shrunk her!
Nice house, nice boat!
At the water point Chertsey Lock

Environment Agency collecting the rubbish
Looking at you looking at me!
A family day out

… at Staines, St Peter’s Parish Church with it’s very distinctive copper spire

The old Town Hall of Staines has been empty since 2012 hence the ugly green shuttering around it.
 This construction site is on Holm Island near Runnymede Bridge. Everything has to be transported by boat/water when you live on an island even on the River Thames!
RAF Flying Boat Refueller built in 1946 and sailed in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012 moored near Staines
The grumpy git lock-keeper at Bell Weir Lock gave us a break today; we operated the lock on self-service while he took great pleasure (not a word that really applies to him of course!) in decapitating the daisies!
Keeping the eggs/cygnets warm in the shade of the tree

We’re now approaching our favourite River Thames mooring at Runnymede and hoping that the one we want will be available
Trip boat Lucy fisher is still plying her trade on the river
Royal Air Forces Memorial at the top of Cooper Hill, well worth a visit if you stop at Runnymede
Yay! there’s no-one moored!
RnR goes in first and we pull alongside.
By now the sun is out and it’s hot, hot, hot!  Out come the chairs and the wine and everyone bakes!
Molly letting Kevin know she’d prefer a biscuit instead of a beer!
… and a cracking sunset to end a really good day!


Diane and Ray said...

I didn't get to comment before but if we are not on the Basingstoke we would be up for a boaters gathering at Beale Park. Love your photos and we should be on the Thames tomorrow xx D&R

Andy said...

The Grumpy lock keeper has been at Bell Weir for about 20 years. We always try to get him to smile when we pass through. Sue thinks she managed it in 1999 but it's not easy to spot with the grizzly Adams face hair.

KevinTOO said...

Has Molly jumped aboard R&R yet looking for her basket & bowl? Years ago when I was out on a friends' boat his dog jumped aboard when they went passed on his sons boat... LOL

BTW if Vic sees the diminutive NP he may adopt it as a tender to NP-Xl, be handy for him to nip down to the pub if Sue moors in the wilds... ;)

Carol said...

Brilliant! Hope to see you ‘somewhere’ then if you’re on the Basingstoke at the time. Happy cruising on the Thames. xx

Carol said...

Sue must have worked very hard for that and I bet it was not the rewarding experience she’d get from a ‘normal’ person!

Carol said...

Thanks for your comments Kevin. Molly certainly remembers Rock ’n’ Roll after well over two years!

Jennie said...

We love that mooring too Carol and were lucky enough to be looking for a mooring last year just as someone was pulling out!

Carol said...

Sometimes things just go right don’t they!

Vallypee said...

A lovely tour, Carol. I thoroughly enjoyed this ride with you. The photos are lovely and I think Molly is adorable. What a lovely day it must have been.

Carol said...

Glad you enjoyed the ride Vally!