Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Boy, did it rain!

We were intending to move on today but woke up to a downpour and actually decided to stay put, but just after 10 it dried up
 … so we decided to move on ...
 It’s still a grey day but warm as we pull out and head into the stream
 Now why would anyone want two pretend cows in their garden?  At least there’s a strong fence to keep them from straying.
 Plenty of space for two boats at Spellthorne moorings as we knew that Inca and Oakapple had moved off!
 The views are ok too as we sit on the sun loungers on the back deck
 At about 3pm we heard a clap of thunder overhead and the sky went rather dark
 10 minutes later … boy did it rain!
 Half past five and the sun comes out, but it’s still raining
but the sunset was worth the wait!

1 comment:

KevinTOO said...

Excellent photos as usual Carol :)

Just enjoy those mooring spaces whilst you can as it looks like the world and it's mother are all on their way to the Thames for Summer... LOL