Wednesday, 15 June 2016

We’re getting to be a convoy!

 8:30 yesterday Rock ’n’ Roll and Still Rockin’ winding to continue our cruise downstream

The sun is trying it’s best ahead of us

… but the clouds behind us tell a different story!
 Ann and Kevin (RnR) have taken the lead today
 Ann is really happy amongst the roses
 … self operating her first Thames Lock at Chertsey
 10:15 and we’ve arrived at our destination at the visitor moorings above Shepperton Lock
20 minutes later the third boat joined our convoy … Margaret and Geoff on nb Seyella arrived earlier than expected
 We all gathered on SR for drinks and nibbles and Molly can’t take her eyes off the cakes!


Sue said...

Awww wish we were there.. Looks like Geoff has been baking again? My goodness I have lost a couple of pounds since Seyella took off south.. I wonder why!!!!

Carol said...

We both baked Sue, twice as much as we needed, and I’ve put a pound on already! XL looks great with your new furniture hope to see you very soon. xx