Saturday, 11 June 2016

Continuing west to visit the castle

Not quite 8:30 yesterday and Ann and Kev are not quite ready to rock n roll!
Passing the French Brothers trip boats’ home mooring
… and steam boat Streatley moored up with Nuneham, available for those special occasions. 

Old Windsor lock built 145 years ago looks lovely with the original lock keeper’s house still occupied by a lock keeper!

Seen in one of the gardens along the high sides of Old Windsor lock cutting

The cruiser shared the lock with us and has passed on the approach to Albert Bridge, he will now cut across our bow to allow the narrow boat to pass

Rock ’n’ Roll following us through and Prince Alberts insignia on his bridge.
We are now on the Crown Estate which is protected under Section 128 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, it’s a criminal offence to trespass on this land.

This is where we get the first glimpse of Windsor Castle in the distance
Approaching Victoria Bridge with her royal insignia 
Last sighting of the castle until we’re through Romney Lock

… which is sharp left under the disused railway bridge and where we’re instructed from the signage to keep to our left
Romney Lock dates back to the 1790’s and fills from side sluices … you need to have a firm hold of the boat ropes to stop your boat from drifting across the lock.
The lock cutting was very busy ...

… with a swimmer in the water accompanied by a paddle boarder
… and a camera man filming the event from the top of a hire boat
… behind which came Windsor Monarch very slowly we passed each other with about a meter between us!
Cruising into Romney Reach (a stretch of water between two locks)
Spot the black bird?
The Broca mooring at Windsor have a fantastic view of the castle but it’s a bit difficult the get on and off the boat so we decided to give it a miss this visit.
Passing narrow boats Oakapple and Inca on the eastern end of Baths Island but they were all locked up with no-one on board
Both boats managed to get into great moorings on the other end of Baths Island, this will do us proud for the weekend.
Looking up Peascod Street with Windsor Castle at the top whilst I was out shopping.


Roger Distill said...

It looks fabulous! We'll have to do the Thames one day.

Carol said...

It is fabulous Robert, not to be missed and when you do do it, do it slowly, stopping frequently and taking it all in!

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Carol. The lass in the water was doing a swim for charity - UNHCR - for Syrian refugees. She and her entourage arrived here at Teddington this lunchtime. Tired and tearful, but triumphant. Oxford to Teddington, 90-odd miles, in 10 days.

Carol said...

Thanks Geoff for the info, we'd wondered what it was all about. That was quite a swim!