Sunday, 21 May 2017


 A misty, cold morning yesterday (Saturday), only 4.5°
 ... the sheep must be freezing so soon after being shorn
 By 07:30 when George went out for a run (yes, you read that right!) the sun was shining and it was warm
George took the photos when he returned, the one above is the original with no editing but when I adjusted the width of it on Photo (Mac)
... oops, this happened.
It was probably due to the internet dropping out as the photo 'saved' after being edited.  When I removed the editing it returned to being just the one balloon and basket. Phew!

I sat in the sun on the back deck (albeit with the pram hood closed) as I wrote this but I could see the rain clouds gathering although the rain didn't actually fall for a couple of hours.
 Mum, Dad and fourteen offsprings!
George enjoyed watching the Red Kites and a pair of Peregrine Falcons swooping over the meadow hunting, I wonder what they were after!
 An intriguing vignette seen across the Thames perfectly framed.

Trip boat Hampton Court cruising up and down the river with a jazz quartet entertaining the passengers although they are mostly inside out of the cold wind and peevish short downpours.

Medmenham meadow at nine pm and all is peaceful.

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