Wednesday, 13 February 2019

After our boat ride ... a canal!

 On Friday (8th Feb) after leaving Buzzing Around, we walked over ...
one of the many bridges over the Singapore River

was a British statesman and became Lieutenant-Govenor of the Dutch East Indies and also of Bencoolen (where we are staying) and is apparently best known for his founding of Singapore but perhaps better known for his building of the Raffles Hotel and its Singapore Sling

 Chinese New Year 2019 started on February 5th and is the year of the Pig.  Here in Singapore there are celebration three time each evening for the next week or so of laser light shows and firework displays.  Here the operators of the these shows are preparing for tonight's shows ... watch this space!

  The Helix Bridge connects the shopping centre at Marina Bay Sands to the Gardens by the Bay and the Sky Park
Inside the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands ... incredible!

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2019

 ... with an indoor canal ... with boats!
 It was so much cooler to walk through this mirrored area from the shopping centre to  ...

 Gardens by the Bay ... the main reason for having our stop-over here in Singapore as George desperately wanted to see this ...

 ... we shall be back this evening to see it in its glory!

 Walking through the beautiful gardens back to the cool of the shopping centre once more ...

 A wonderful place to browse the impressive array of shop but the only thing we bought was lunch in the food hall.
 Back over the Helix bridge to the city ...

 there's even a man cleaning up the lily beds

At the Custom House we rang for a taxi to return us to our hotel for a rest before the main event this evening.


Paul said...

Many many congratulations on your 50th from us. Follow the blog closely still but just too swamped to reply. Had many business trips to Oz via Singapore but never made it out of the airport !! Hope it's fun. Hope Oz is even better and you have time to relax with the family. All my visits have been wonderful, if brief!

This year holds many challenges for us, but we still hope to somehow escape the shackles of land based life and head down the GU to the Thames for a good few months of summer on the river.

We are entering a bonkers 12 months of life that include closing our business, ditching a long term commercial lease, and a wedding in the Alps for our eldest daughter.

Through all this our wonderful boat will be a welcome sanctuary especially chilling on the Thames.

Hope you enjoy your time in Oz and we look forward to seeing you / fighting with you for moorings in the summer, along with NPXL of course.

Finally and for George ... last days of the Tornado. I feel quite emotional that a chunk of my life will soon be scrap metal. All those years perfecting the art of Flight Systems (Nav Inst).

Have a great time ... see you in the summer somewhere nice on the Thames.

Very best
P&C, Newlands

Sally Ellis said...

What a fantastic trip.Wonderful photographs. So enjoy reading about your travels.Thank you.Sally.

Kath said...

Looks like you are enjoying your visit, hot isn’t it! I lived in Singapore 50 (!) years ago and I think I’ve only recognised one place so far 😂
Kath (nb Herbie)

Tom and Jan said...

Carol I bet George didn't take you to Bugis Street!

Carol said...

Thanks for all your comments everyone, we're having a wonderful time here - ps - we are now in Auastralia!

Kath said...

Hi Tom, I was going to suggest a visit to Bugis Street, I remember it well (!) but I believe it has all been cleaned up and sanitised, sadly.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Carol said...

Hi there Tom and Kath ...
George was in Singapore just over 50 years ago and I remember him telling me about ... what I thought was Boogie Street, and we went up and down the street by taxi several times and like Kath says it's now all clean and dignified!
Thanks for your comments. x