Sunday, 27 October 2019

I don't believe it! ....

Awake much as usual this morning (Sunday 27th) at, what would yesterday have been 6:20 but was actually 5:20 with the clocks falling back and we have 0° temperatures ... a tad chilly!
  and at 7:20 there was steam rising from the Thames which was like a mill pond.

Later in the morning we went for a walk via Lower Basildon 

The River Thames runs between the two lines of trees 

Walking towards Beale Park ...

in the surprisingly warm sunshine 

Through the gate to walk round the lake ...

we saw several adolescent cygnets

 It'a very nearly leaf kicking time!
 Some nice boats moored on the lake today
 Blackberry lane, but no blackberries now
 back onboard watching the world go by ... these paddle boarders rippling the still water

 while George cooks dinner ... will this be the last one this year?  I do hope not!
 An unusual boat going downstream on the wrong side of the river!
and sundown at just 5:20

While I'm typing up this post George has had a look at the River Thames conditions which was updated at noon today ...
and we really can't believe it ... this reach is back on red boards ... and downstream of here the stream is increasing ... and through Reading its decreasing!

I wish it would make up its mind.  We were going to travel though Reading tomorrow and to Hambleden by Wednesday, but not sure now what we'll do.


Vallypee said...

Well your photos make it look perfect, Carole. Beautiful weather, apparently still waters and eating outside. What more could you want? Ok, less of the 0 degrees overnight, I suppose. I love that boat that was going down the wrong side. What an attractive craft it is.

Carol said...

... and we thought it was perfect Val! Until we saw the red boards again ... we shall have to wait and see what today brings.