Thursday, 2 May 2019

From one grand house to another ...

That's Cliveden to Windsor via Dorney
 We stayed just the one night at Cliveden and left at 9 on Wednesday morning ...
it was a chilly day ...
 taking one last look at the house on the hill ...
 and checking out the mooring space we'll use next time ... it's just a shame that we won't see that view!
 Heading for the first lock of the day ...

 It always makes me smile ... mainly because the first time we saw this guy I waved to him thinking he was real!
 Boulters Lock, on self service but I can see someone at the controls

 George is waiting patiently while the lock refills ...

and I check out Boulters Hotel where the prices look reasonable ...

and there's a free pontoon to moor against for the night ... maybe when we come back this way?

Through Maidenhead

 where I was pleased to see that these new building were at last finished and  Roux at Swindles Brasserie was now open ... I bet it's expensive to eat there!

 There's a lock keeper on at Bray and we're soon through
 Standing guard!
  Monkey Island Hotel appears to be back in business after a 2-year full refurbishment
 We've seen a large tree down further upstream and wondered if this EA tug was on its way to remove it from the river

 Work has at last started on the old Bray Studios ... the studio complex will become a new housing development and the adjoining Down Place will be converted to luxury apartments.
The  Oakley Court Hotel will probably not be using the deck chairs over the next few days as the weather turns for the worst!
 EA (Environment Agency) checking out boats etc., at Windsor Marina ...
 and there's where we want to moor for the night ... but can we get in?
 It was a bit of a struggle but we got in just fine ... we needed to cut up some logs to tide us over the wet, cold weather which is on it's way ... but for tonight the sunset is quite beautiful.
 9 o'clock Thursday morning and I'm leaving George to turn Still Rockin' and follow me down to Bovney Lock

 which was manned so I waited for George to enter and I climbed onboard
 The clouds are gathering as we cruise Windor Reach
 and are most surprised to see that there is only one boat moored on Baths Island (off picture to the right)

Good views over the island at 2pm and we've had several short, sharp showers already
 The weather doesn't know if it's coming or going!

The local swan population usually spend the night opposite the mooring
We spent the weekend here in Windsor, trying, mostly successfully, to dodge the showers ...
whilst walking into town for some retail therapy and generally relaxing.

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