Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Build day 27

We’ve got doors … well nearly!
 The rear bulkhead from inside ...
 … and outside from the back deck
 George has been inspecting the underside - here you can see the swim, the propeller shaft fitting, the weed-hatch and the hole where the rudder will fit.
Whoops… the front door is a bit narrow!!


Shappers said...

How do you prevent everything from rusting? Just paint or?
The scale of the boat is amazing!
Brgds, Steve

Sue said...

Ah that is ready for a cat flap for you Carol! You having an axiom?

Carol said...

Hi Sue, a cat flap will solve the problem for sure! Yes we’re having an axiom - should be delivered early in the new year - a 4-bladed one this time!

Carol said...

Hi Steve, yes she certainly is big! She will have 2 x coats of etched primer that should keep rust at bay and 6 sacrificial anodes under the water will prevent further rust. We take our boat out of the water every 2-years to re-black the bottom with a bitumin-type product to keep the hull in good condition. Regards to the family - have a great Christmas!