Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A short hop to the perfect spot!

As promised a picture of us, Sue and Vic (wb NPXL) and Sheena and Ken (nb Dogma) at the Bounty pub on Monday evening where we found out that the current owners are retiring in a few years and that a developer is interested in the site to build executive homes.  What a shame that will be, the place is always busy and well worth a visit.

Sue and Vic have organised delivery’s to NPXL at the Spade Oak visitor moorings about 500 mtrs further along the Thames.  George had taken his bino’s along the path and could see that there was room for the two boat, so off we set yesterday morning at about 10:30

Nb Dogma, Ken and Sheena’s mooring at Bourne End Marina, a lovely spot unusual on a river marina to actually have a view of the river

Those are the moorings we want just in front of the two breasted boats

Wide open water just here … a perfect spot!

Looking back from whence we came!
The only house I would live in on the River Thames, but I guess I couldn’t afford it even if it was for sale.  I just love it! Not too big, not too small, no near neighbours, fantastic views over the wide river and open views to the rear of the property … again … just perfect.

The day ended with a bbq (for a change) with good friends, good food and wine of course!


nb Chance said...

Oh No! So sorry to hear the Bounty may be going, had so many great times there with Dolly when shes been working there. lovely people and such a lovely place, say hi to Vic & Sue and Ken & Sheena. Doug & James xx

KevinTOO said...

Excellent photos and narrative, as always, Carol...
just slightly confused though, 6 of you sat round the table and not a drink in sight...
have you all gone tee-total by any chance?? LOL

Carol said...

That’s because we were just about to leave Kevin when Sue realised she’d not got a picture. Sorry to disappoint you! x

Carol said...

It certainly is Doug, James! It a sign of the times/greed when the person/company buying it will pay over the odds (reckoned £1.25m) and then knock it down to make lots more money, rather than being bought to carry on the business it is now. Will say hello to Sue and Vic for you but may not see Sheena and Ken before we leave this morning, but they do see the blog so hopefully they’ll see it there. Happy cruising. x