Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A windy way to Medmenham

Monday it was time for us to leave our mooring at Marlow.
We set off early so knew that the lock will be unmanned, but that was ok.  Here’s George bringing SR into the beautifully kept Marlow Lock.
The sluices in the top gates are now open and the water pours in 

… bringing the boat up

The house on the left is called Thames House so I’m assuming that they belong or belonged in the past to the Thames Conservancy.  Marlow lock house is opposite.
It’s difficult to pick up crew on leaving the lock when on self-service as there are permanently moored boats to the left of SR and only a very short landing on the right-hand side, but we managed ok.
Approaching All Saints Church and Marlow suspension bridge

These two photo are of the same building and looks as if it could be one property ...

this view is from the side which makes me think that it is several properties within the one building. 

All Saints Church, Bisham with its 12th century tower

It’s very windy on this stretch out of the shelter of the lock cut and town buildings
Bisham Abbey originally Bisham Priory is now a Grade I listed manor house and was the traditional burial place of the Earls of Salisbury.

Temple Lock is unadorned and was also on self-service when we arrived but the lockie arrived as I walked to the top control box and he took over
Harleyford Manor another Grade 1 Listed Manor House, this one Georgian.
As we entered Hurley Lock cut there was quite a bomb boat-burst as the various boats exiting the lock went every which way without any regard for oncoming vessels!
The obligatory photo of The Hell-Fire Club, founded as St Mary’s Abbey, now known as Medmenham Abbey
This is the house next door the Abbey but I can’t find any information regarding it, but I suspect that it once was part of the St Mary’s Abbey complex.  Does anyone know any more?
Now moored up on in another of our favourite moorings with fantastic views
… and a stunning sunset.


Paul said...

Hell Fire Club for sale ?? Yours for a pittance at 10 million !! Looks like they ran out of cash to add the flashy plastic gin palace. Bless :)

Carol said...

Thanks for the comment Pau;.. Actually there was a cruiser moored there too, not quite the flashy gin palace you describe but a big(ish) cruiser!