Thursday, 21 July 2016

It’s a wind-up

 20 past 8 we leave the busy moorings at Henley, we’re not going far though
Just the one today, Marsh Lock which we knew would be on self-service so I would operate it.  When I got there a young lady was winding the wheel on the top gates and I noticed a sign informing boaters that it was HAND WIND ONLY today, no electrics at all. A boat was going out and another coming in and then there was us so a lot of winding was done to close the gates, close the sluices, open the sluices, open the gates and then all over again!  I must admit though although I did a fair share George did most of the work! It was 5 past 9 when we left the lock.
A few minutes later we saw our destination … NP-XL, we pulled alongside them and that was us for the day … very relaxed.


Vallypee said...

I've long had a dream of doing the UK canals, but I must admit it sounds like very hard work...I'm beginning to wonder if I wouldn't just prefer to stick to the Thames :)

Carol said...

So would we Vallypee, but we’ve not spent a winter on the Thames as yet so it’ll be back to the hard work on canal locks from the end of October.