Monday, 4 July 2016

Up the hill at Clivedon

The walk up the hill can be as steep as you want it, there are steps straight up, paths meander up and down; there are paths with steps and there are zig-zag paths, take your choice!

Saturday, George, Sue and me plus the three dogs took an easier route, a path with interspersed steps.

Beautiful old wood, not sure if it’s a root or a fallen branch but the bark has a velvety shine and is all colours of the rainbow.  It looks like an elephant’s head/trunk or perhaps a sorrowful bearded dog.

There are six of these pictures dotted around the walks, all of Clivedon House at various times.  You can see the current view in the background.

Good views to be had up here

Another picture showing the house in the 1980’s but the sun is too bright to see the actual house through the gap in the trees so I’ve put a photo of it from the same place.

The National Trust are good at conservation

We continued our walk towards the house and cafe where we partook of coffee and flapjacks, thanks Sue.

On our way down we stopped to look at the Flint House which is beautifully built and has a cloister vaulted ceiling which unfortunately doesn’t show very well in the photo.

Nearly home after a great walk and we’re all cream crackered!
Saturday night was bbq night!  What else could it have been! A really great day!
Sunday morning and George and I with Molly set off up the hill again, a different way this time, up a steep path.
Superb views over the River Thames

… and looking down the hill through the trees

We came down via a zig-zag path with steps … much easier!
The lovely River Thames at Clivedon
… where the trees soar up into the sky and you can’t see the tops!

Later on Sunday saw us on No Problem XL enjoying one of Vic’s very tasty Sunday lunches.  Thank you both.

Yet another great day!

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