Saturday, 30 July 2016

Turn Around Bright Eyes!

Chemists!  What a bother we’ve had trying to get Molly’s prescriptions filled.  There were two prescription one for each set of drops times 4 bottles of each.  In Hitchen where the Specialist Vet is based I visited seven chemists none of which were able to supply all the medication.  I’ve been told on several occasions that if a pharmacist supplied one item from a prescription, were unable to fulfil it all but could order the remainder to collect another day, they would have to keep the prescription (meaning you can’t go to another chemist for the rest).  Looking on the internet George discovered that there was a Lloyds chemist in Goring and if we got back early enough we could put in the scripts and collect all the drops the following day (yesterday).  I explained our situation to the lady in the shop that I needed the whole of both prescriptions as we had to move on.  All was well, as we thought, but when George went to collect them the pharmacist (a man) had only one of each and wouldn’t even order the rest for us!  Fortunately he did give the prescription back to us, so now we’ve got to find another place to stop for a few days to enable us to go through the process yet again! Rant over, there aren’t many downsides of continuously cruising and we do manage most of the time to overcome them, thank goodness.
So, it was half eleven before we untied the ropes and set off
… through Goring Lock where we got wet in a short but vicious downpour and on through Cleeve Lock where the sun came out and we turned around
… onto the jetty to fill our water tank after which we returned down Cleeve lock
… and down Goring Lock continuing past the visitor moorings
… to a perfect spot right into the bank north of Beale Park where we saw Molly’s bright eyes for the first time in a week or more; the new drops together with the extra application have worked wonders and she was so much more like her old self.
This is what the River Thames is all about for us … wide open water in the countryside
… at a quiet spot with little footfall and lots of space … soooo quiet!
We had a relaxing afternoon followed by a bbq
… and a spectacular sky just after sunset.
What more could we wish for.


KevinTOO said...

That's great, Molly is looking so happy,
one contented pooch two relieved owners :)

(Bunny looks a bit worried though, so close to the BBQ! LOL)

Sandi said...

Hi, lovely to hear Molly is better than she was, they can be such a worry! Love your photos as usual, it's great watching your travels!! Keep well, love you all. Xxx

Geoff and Mags said...

Lovely picture of little Molly...

Carol said...

Thanks Kevin.

Carol said...

It’s certainly a relief Sandra, thanks. Love you too. xx

Carol said...

Thanks Geoff. x