Sunday, 17 July 2016

There’s nothing better than messing about on the river

… especially on warm days

Lots of caravans have converged on the field at Medmenham and the flags are making me curious, so ...
yesterday morning before it became too hot we took a stroll for a closer look

Lots of sheep munching going on too

and there’s Sue waiting for Meg and Penny to do what dogs do

There’s also a very tranquil stream flowing along the field’s boundary

An interesting building over the Thames and there’s Sue again
This is the flag that I wanted to see close up, it’s the Royal Standard and it’s illegal to fly it unless the Queen is in residence …
which I don’t think she is!
The flag above it is the Berkshire County Council flag although it was  never officially adopted

These flags are more usual; The George Flag (Flag of England) and the Flag of Scotland and  even I easily recognised the smiley face flag!

This is the second national flag of the Confederate States of America …
does anyone recognise the face though? Could it be Elvis who was born in Mississippi, a confederate state?
Sue and Andy passed us going upriver, and then down again, and then up again but they did find a mooring eventually

There are lots of young lambs and one of the littlest is getting bullied here, but he was ok
Altogether now ….. aaaarrrr!

Trip boat The Waterman goes down river and comes back with its passengers having great fun

A late afternoon walk through the cornfield, it was still rather warm
Wild water swimmers keeping their heads down

… and then there are cars messing about too

George thinks these are Renault Floride’s unless anyone else knows better

Apart from being called The Red Robin I’ve no idea what this is. 
The lady looks rather sophisticated!

(Click on any of the photos to enlarge)

We’ve spend a fantastic week moored here at Medmenham but tomorrow it’s time to move on.


Les Biggs said...

I see one car has a CRT license plate. I wonder what waters he uses.

Carol said...

Well spotted Les, we’d not noticed that! I hope that whatever CRT waters he uses he goes a bit slower than he was on the Thames! Perhaps if it’s roadworthy too he could use any of the rivers. That particular one is called Amphicar made in Germany with a Triumph 1200cc engine. Look up Top 10 amphibious cars, there’s some serious ones on there! xx

Geoff and Mags said...

Yes, the two civilian an vehicles are Amphicars, the military looking one is, I think, a VW Swimmvagen. All German, as you say. Dutton in the Uk do some smart amphibious cars -
Enjoy the fine weather!

Carol said...

Thanks for the info Geoff! The ‘fine’ weather is too hot for me! Missing you both. x