Friday, 1 July 2016

More to Dorney than the Olympic Rowing Lake

A triathlon (Human Race) was taking place around Eton College Rowing Centre on Sunday but we didn’t stop to watch this time and continued our walk across the open grass areas

Lots of interesting information on the sphere and it’s also a sundial.

The grounds are mostly for the arboretum so a splash of colour makes a lovely contrast
Big stones!

Click on any of the information boards to enlarge

Perfectly shaped Monkey Puzzle Tree - the spikes on the branches are lethal!

Another interesting sculpture but no information on what it represents
We continued our walk to Dorney Parish Church of St James the Less
The church dates from the 12th century and this picture is taken from the gallery.  The floor below the gallery is lower than the floor seen here and it’s thought that it one time the church must have been prone to flooding from the Thames.  The crypt for the Palmer family is accessed by a stone which can be lifted in front of the screed.  The screed and the boxed Palmer family pews would have been lowered during the reformation.
A few of a variety of stained glass windows in the church
… fragments of medieval paintings can also be seen
The Gerrard Chapel contains the tomb of William Gerrard Lord Mayor of London 1555 (d1607)
When we arrived the morning service had just ended and it was this lovely lady who invited us in, showed us around and gave us lots of very interesting information.

There are burial plots in the church yard of the church for several descendants of Charles Dickens

A glimpse through the trees of Dorney Manor which was mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086 and has been the home of the Palmer family for over 450 years.  It has also been a film location for tv series, Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Pride and Prejudice and several films, 24: Live Another Day and Zombies!
Nowadays it’s main business is that of a wedding venue.

Our main reason for the walk was to visit Dorney Court Kitchen Garden and it was well worth the four mile round trip.
There are numerous tables and chairs set out around the garden where you can eat delicious meals and snacks while you ponder over what plants are best for your garden.
We ate toasted bacon and mushroom sandwiches with mugs of coffee
There is also a play area for children with an assortment of activities for them to access.  
I purchased some new compost and plants for my garden in Still Rockin’s bow and I’m very pleased with it once again.

As the title suggests, there is a lot more to Dorney than the olympic rowing lake if you’re prepared to walk a bit further from the River Thames.

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