Saturday, 16 July 2016

There and back!

Pulling away from our mooring yesterday morning at 10 to 7
The mooring warden here suggested we put up a reserved sign while we were away

We winded (turned) in the width of the river and cruised past all the moored boats

… past Medmenham Abbey

… and Danesfield Hotel high on the hill

I really like the setting of the property as we approach Hurley Lock from upstream

Hoping there’s no one on the water point just to the left under the bridge

Oops, there is! Not a small boat either it’s the Magna Carter Hotel boat.

Fortunately they’d left just enough room in front to allow us to moor up and take on water

… but we had to tread carefully to avoid the dropping from the Egyptian Geese, yuck!

The Thames above the lock is much too narrow to turn a boat as big as ours so we George had to reverse back under the footbridge ...

… putting on a few more revs to get us past the two weirs safely

… being careful not to hurt the ducks in reverse with the prop first!

The river opens out here and George can now wind Still Rockin’ again, putting her gently into reverse
… and bringing her bow round until we’ve completed the 360 degree turn and are now facing the right way
Not the best photo I’ve ever taken of this beautiful blue jewel but I was pretty chuffed to actually get the picture whilst we were on the move!
10 past 8 and we’ve returned to our mooring, no-one has ‘pinched’ it in our absence, probably because it’s still early rather than a boater taking notice of the reserved sign!

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