Saturday, 9 June 2018

To Hampton Court

Sun rising behind the buildings on Charter Quay at 6am on Monday  (4th June)
and us on the move at 10:30 ... a late start for us as we're only going about 1½ miles!
It's a chilly, dull day and we're wearing warm fleeces!

Waving at new wide beam Marimba which was moored in front of us.

Taking down the unsafe Poplar trees
The land on which houses along Barge Walk are build would once have belonged to the Hampton Court estate.  They are enclosed by high brick wall inside the park.
Another galleon, but in my opinion not as pretty as the one we saw yesterday
Trip boat in a hurry passing us by
It's good to see the river being used for carrying supplies
The trip boat that hurried past us has now slowed down as that's an EA (environment agency) boat coming downstream!
At first glance the chance of a mooring outside Hampton Court seemed remote but as we got closer we could see a space plenty big enough for Still Rockin'

The views are always good here too. 

We were really cold by the time we'd moored up so on went the central heating for a couple of hours while we had lunch, hope it warms up again soon.

We're only staying the one night so we'll be off for a walk after lunch ... watch this space.

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