Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Retail and Relax

Shopping can be exhausting, sometimes futile and sometimes fruitful and Friday (1st May) was the latter; I was pleased with my purchases!

It was also a very hot day and when I returned to Still Rockin' we spent most of the afternoon inside; it was just too hot to sit on the deck even under the shade of the canopy.
Saturday was another hot one but with a bit of a breeze and today we stayed onboard and watched the busy river.
Further east and north there's been much rain and it's now entering the Thames.  The river levels on middle reaches are now increasing.
Canada geese make good parents with is why there are so many about
This is the view opposite our mooring at 6pm.  Woody's (the building just left of centre) is starting to wind up the evening entertainment which we hope sounded better over there than it did over here! 
We've not walked over there in the evening to see what the attraction is but crowds congregate here Friday and Saturday evenings especially when it's warm.  We'll remedy that tomorrow evening.

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