Thursday, 14 June 2018

Through the trees ... 9th June ... A great day!

The forecast today is to be quite warm but as we left Still Rockin' on our mooring at Clivedon at 10:15 it felt quite chilly
Looking up the path ... and down towards our mooring
Up the steps
turning sharp left on the zig zag path
to the top of the hill ... great views from up here

After walking up the hill and through the lovely gardens we had coffee and cake at the cafe and then made our way round the house to the parterre

The blacksmiths Shop ... January 1961

George was wishing he could buy charcoal like this rather that what is available in the shops

Ladies of the era parading in the garden
Must be the biggest bird-bath in the world! I was holding the camera high above my head for this picture!
There's not so much colour in the Parterre today as there was in late April when we were here last

That's Slough in the distance

We turn off to the left here back down the hill

Beautiful bark on this tree

It's rather steep!
George giving the structure some perspective!

Jasmine has a very powerful heady perfume ... one that I wouldn't want to be near for longer than a few minutes ... it would give me a headache.
Back at Still Rockin' ... the board shows the landowners surrounding the Cliveden Estate in 1818
We've always called it 'clive den' but have heard it from others pronounced Clivden ... but I think that 'Clifden' is probably more correct
In the afternoon whilst relaxing on the deck we saw hundreds of walking for the Macmillan charity
The EA (Environment Agency) boat was patrolling the area and requested that a cruiser 'dropped his speed a little' as they passed us.  The cruiser took not a bit of notice though!
It was a good day for larking about on the river ... or in it as the case may be ... but watch out for moving boats!

Sunday was a cleaning day both inside and outside of Still Rockin'
Baby Mandarins begging for food as we relaxed after the work was done.

It's a grand life we lead.

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