Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Did we stay or were sent away?

I hope the suspense didn't keep you awake last night! 

The moorings here at Remnamham (Henley on Thames) are the responsibility of SRB Moorings and not long after we'd settled in yesterday Steve (the S bit of the name) came to collect the fees (£30 for 3 nights) but I still wasn't sure that payment of fees gave us the right to moor here at this time.

Saturday came (16th) and no-one had asked us to move away and we spent the day inside so as to be as inconspicuous as we could be ... 
Stepping out onto the deck occasionally
to see what was going on
In June 2012 the Queen and Prince Philip made the short trip from Hambleden Marina to Greenlands (seen here in the background) in steamboat Alaska to attend a garden party within the grounds as part of her Jubilee Tour.

Peter and Karin came for drinks (yes we were still on the mooring!) and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours catching up with all the news.  It was good to meet up with them again.
Sunset at 9:45
and the night sky at 10:30 and so far all is well.

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