Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Never again ... ?

31st March and you've probably guessed where we're heading ...
 Pins pulled by 8am and within an hour this is what we pulled off the propellor ... this set the scene for the journey (definitely not a cruise!)
 Don't see many Dutch Tjalks along the Paddington Arm - needs some attention but rather nice.

Passing long lines of moored boats behind and in front of us some breasted-up to other narrowboats and a few against wide beams too as we approach Alperton.
 Water conditions are awful making our wash churn right across the canal ... our third stop to clear the prop here just past Sainsbury's.
The 4th boat back passed us at Black Horse Bridge while we were clearing the rubbish for the 2nd time and we've just passed them and know that they're just about to pull out again so we waited for them to come past.  As a widebeam we displace more water than a narrowboat so we have to travel more slowly especially with all the floating debris and moored boats often on both sides of the canal.

 Approaching the North Circular Aqueduct and the busy road underneath - even with all the problems we're experiencing up here on the canal I'd rather be here than down there!

More eyesores!
Friday afternoon and workers are in a rush to finish early (it's now 20 to 1) and this tug contracted to the company laying cables is creating a lot of turbulence as it goes about its job.

 Not sure which bridge this is that's getting a makeover but it was a bit tight getting through past the bolts in the safety fencing on the right.
 10 to 2 and we're just entering Little Venice Pool with CRT offices here on the right
 ... and our mooring is available on that long stretch above my mother's day pot plant ... now starting to relax a little!
 Moored on the pre-bookable moorings at Rembrandt Gardens
 ... with decent views
  ... all around us
Looking down the roof of Still Rockin' under the bridges into the cutting to Paddington Station and mooring basin.  We're hoping to be lucky enough to get a mooring for a few more days in there when our time is up on Friday here at Rembrandt Gardens.

Start at 8am, moored at 2:15pm, travelled 10 miles,
~ that's 6.25 hours at 1.6 miles per hour!

We've endured this journey twice now on Still Rockin' and we've decided that we shall not be doing it again unless the Paddington Arm receives more attention with regards to water quality.  We love London but feel that the journey is just not worth it - such a pity.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Carol, In October David and I stayed with the grandsons in nb Jessie moored in front of the puppet boat - a lovely boat and a great place to be, but we were very glad not to have had to make our way down the Paddington Arm. We've walked it in the past and enjoyed the walk, but looking into the canal were clear that it had the potential to be a frustrating journey! In 2015, we came down the GU to the Thames - that was bad enough near the junction with the Paddington Arm - that damned blanket weed and the rubbish were a real trial!
Enjoy this last visit - after the effort to get there, you deserve a good time!
Big hugs, M&D

Sue said...

Goodness that looked awful through there.

I just looked back to last September when we did that but the canal was not nearly so bad with all that rubbish. Too many boats now in London unfortunately.

It has become somewhat out of control although CRT are trying to stick to the double mooring of narrowboats only or single mooring of widebeam.

It is becoming really difficult to get our big boats through to Paddington.

Have a lovely week or so.. xx

Naughty-Cal said...

I must admit that doesn't look like the most pleasant canal to cruise.

Think we will give it a miss when we come down to the Thames!

Carol said...

Thanks Marilyn, we really are having a good time now we're here, not looking forward to the return trip though! xx

Carol said...

Hi Sue, perhaps it's because it's early in the season and it will get better when more boats are on the move, perhaps even it may be better on the way out ... we can live in hope anyway!

Carol said...

It may be ok for you being a cruiser I know that the narrow boats can travel more quickly than us as they don't displace so much water and obviously have lots more space to travel in. If you've not done it before I would suggest that you give it a go. x

Naughty-Cal said...

No. We have to crawl along in shallow water. NC has a dirty swim as she isn't designed for plodding along and at slow speeds kicks up on heck of a wash and bow wave in shallow water.

Carol said...

Then I would agree with you Rachel. x