Thursday, 6 April 2017

London day 1 ... and what's that?

Saturday April 1st - after a tiring day yesterday we took it easy this morning
 ... not venturing out until 3pm when we walked to Kensington Gardens and the Italian Gardens
 We continued over the grass to the Round Pound and Henry Moore's sculpture The Arch which faces Kensington Palace in the background.
 We crossed the road which divides Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and walked alongside The Serpentine.  I've not noticed that skyline before and wondered what it could be
 ... we continued to walk and the roofs unfolded.  I was intrigued so we walked down to the road
... and there it is in all its glory!
But no indication from here as to what its use is so we crossed the road and went down the narrow street to the right of the building into Knightsbridge, a very 'posh' and very, very expensive district of London.  We found that the front of the building was covered in boardings as it's undergoing some renovation work but discovered that it is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

We continued our walk through Knightsbridge to Hyde Park Corner where we re-entered the park and retraced our steps and returned to Still Rockin' ... a rather longer stroll than planned but enjoyable all the same.  Tomorrow we'll venture a bit further!


Snowy Owl said...

Enjoying your walk around London. Thanks for letting us share it.

There was a series on tv recently about the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, it was called A Very British Hotel (I thinkk).


Carol said...

Thanks for your comments Alison, glad you're enjoying the blog and our London visits.