Sunday, 16 April 2017

London day 12 part 1 - Vistas ...

Thanks to Adam's, (nb Briar Rose) comments on a previous post today we set off for Tate Modern
 Arriving at Baker Street Underground on the Bakerloo Line from Paddington - can you see me?
 Changing onto the Jubilee Line to Southwark

... and a 10 minute well sign posted walk
 ... to the Tate
 Looking back as we entered to see the steam rising and folk disappearing into it!
 A huge open space greeted us on the first floor where we met a very helpful guide who gave us some suggestions for our visit.
First stop at the top, floor 10

 ... with its 360° viewing platform

 ... our main reason for this visit

Looking down ...

Floor 6 was to be our next port of call but it was closed until midday so we made our way down each floor ...

 ... and took in some of the exhibition rooms
 One of the exhibitions was Living Cities, in which some were strongly thought provoking, some were easy to interpret and some I could not understand at all - art?
 I did like this one though, through the dark smudges you can, if you look very carefully, see beautifully buildings architecturally drawn. (click on it)
 There were not many that I recognised

 Down to floor 3 and another great vista 

From the outside viewing platform we could hear a rather beautiful voice - busking.
 I love to see St Paul's on the skyline

That's me ...
 ... that's George ... and me!
 Lunch time and we leave the Tate for a while
 ... cross the Millennium Bridge
 ... round to the front of that beautiful cathedral to
Pret a Mange where they sell good food at an ok price
 Another vista from the bridge as we return to ...
 ... floor 6 which is the Kitchen and Bar Restaurant
 ... with yet more views from yet another perspective

Just after 3pm we decided that that was enough, our brains were hurting trying to understand some of this stuff and we left the Tate to walk along the Embankment to clear our heads.


Unknown said...

The Young Lady Busker is Doroteja (Dory) Kravcenkaite from Vilnius, Lithuania She's only 18! and after finding Her music on YouTube I am now a fan! I'm glad I'm not Her father, She's a long way from home!

Thank you once more for some wonderful photos Carol, I've been up The Shard but it's too high to get a good look at what is below , and driving round that part of London is not conducive with sightseeing!(Not that I get up there often now at all since I moved to Cornwall.) The architecture in the City of London is so varied, and every few Years it seems to change again.

Carol said...

Thank you Andy for your comments and information. So glad that you're enjoying the blog and photographs, we do love being here if it was just a more pleasant journey to get here!